Toronto Camera Consignment

Vintage Cameras and Lenses


If you have any unwanted photographic equipments, come and bring your stuffs.  F-Stop will take good care of your stuffs and will help you find buyers on consignment basis.  I don't charge a fix percentage on the selling price as commission.  Any amount will do coming from your kindly heart.


Interested mostly on manual lenses and film cameras with lens attached.

Pentax K Mount
M42 Screw Mount
M39 Screw Mount
Minolta MD / MC Mount
Olympus OM Mount
Contax C/Y Mount
Konica AR Mount
Praktica PB Mount
Nikon AI/AF F Mount
Canon FD Mount

Now accepting consignment on the following items:
Film Cameras

Manual Lenses
Studio Equipments (light stand, umbrella, reflector, flash, strobe, triggers. etc.)