Studio and Darkroom Equipment Rentals


Renting a studio & darkroom space for the large format photographic artist shooting large format digital, 8X10 Polaroid and traditional film. We have a Phase One scanning back,8X10 cameras, 4X5 film cameras. The Phase One Scanning back allows 4x5 shooters an extremely high quality digital option for shooting near full frame on a view camera with digital files of 144mb (8bit) and 288mb (16bit), roughly a 56megapixel equivalent.Polaroid 8X10 processor and holder make it funky and different.
-$125/6 hours in the darkroom or in the studio or combination.
- Phase One 4X5 scanning back included
- 8X10 Camera and 300/500mm Schneider lens included in basic studio rental. Or 4X5 camera and lens included in basic rental.
- Polaroid elecric 8X10 processor & holder- 8X10 enlarger in the works
- 7' foot studio stands- one for large 8X10 cameras, one for medium format or 35mm
- 10,000 w/s of strobe & 10,000 watts of tungsten. Beauty dishes, fresnels (for strobe or for tungsten), floods, softboxes, umbrellas, stands etc.
- canvas & muslin painter's backdrops
- Mole-Richardson 1,000 watt metal softlight
- Temperature controlled sink line for processing 8X10 & 4X5 film
- HK computer controlled Dichroic head 4X5 enlarger
- 8' wet sink
- Apochromatic lenses
- 20" Ilfospeed RC Print Dryer
- 20" Arkay Dryer for fibre papers
- 20" temp controlled drum processor
- 8' Colour correct light table
- Densitometer


For inquiries, please call Chris at 416-686-1297.